Floating Solar Systems

Energy generation through a PV system is one of the most climate-friendly and sustainable forms of energy supply. Compared to conventional power generation, however, PV systems require more space.

This is where floating PV systems come into play. These installations allow optimal space utilization of calm waters, such as lakes or bays, which are not used otherwise. The modules are mounted on floating bases that are connected to the mainland for stabilization.

This can anticipate the competition for land. At the same time, it also helps to avoid the need to prepare the area and eliminates the problems around shading effects.

To be able to install photovoltaic systems on water surfaces, both, the technical and legal requirements must be met. After an economic and technical analysis, public law regulations must therefore be clarified. In addition, a utilization agreement with the owner of the water surface must be arranged.

We take over the entire process chain from the preliminary analysis including legal and technical analysis to the final assembly of the modules on your water surface. We advise you in all phases of the process and act as an experienced strategic partner.